Wood Pizza Peel & Paddle Board Review

Pizza Peel Review of Happy Home Basics Wood Pizza Paddle Cutting and Serving Board with Bonus Pizza Recipes.

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Home Pizza Makers Can Now Bake Authentic Pizzeria Style Pizzas by Utilizing the New Pizza Paddle Board by Happy Home Basics

A pizza peel or pizza paddle as it’s sometimes referred to, is an authentic Italian tool that professional pizza makers use to slide the prepared pizza crust into a hot oven or onto an oven stone for baking.

This popular baker’s tool is also used for removing pizzas and flat breads from a hot oven safely and helps keep the crust with all it’s toppings intact. The long handle keeps hands away from the extreme heat and allows the baker to place the food further back in the oven than what could normally be reached.

Professional pizza maker’s often use the paddle’s surface to prep their crust with favorite toppings before sliding onto the oven stone or a BBQ grill. Quality pizza peels have a beveled edge so they can smoothly scoop up the pizza to remove from the oven when it’s finished baking.

Prior to use they are often sprinkled with cornmeal or flour to allow the pizza or bread dough to easily slide onto and off them.

A solid hardwood peel is preferred by most pizza makers but sometimes the peels are made from stainless steel or sheet metal, with a wood or metal handle. The handles vary in length as well as the overall weight of the tool, which can be quite heavy for the average person to lift when combined with the weight of a large pizza. For home use a lighter weight peel/paddle is better since it is easier to carry and maneuver.

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